An open letter to Lebron James

Dear Lebron,

So, how does it feel? Did you wake up this morning and still have that painful feeling in your gut from last night? Did you reflect on what you said in your post game press conference “that everyone will get over hating you and go back to their crappy lives while you live yours?” I have to ask you, are you that clueless to your remarks and how it shapes the public’s perception of who you are? When will you stop following Wade and become your own person? I say this because while you do have potential to be someone great but referring to yourself as King James doesn’t add to your greatness, it takes it away. If I were you I’d take a few notes in class and basketball from the big German Dirk Nowitzki.

I know you know who he is because you childishly mocked him when he was sick, and then Dirk came back to outscore you and help his team win what you haven’t received yet, an NBA Championship. While Dirk helped his team win in the 4th quarter you disappeared. Now everyone is mocking you with jokes saying today is “National Lebron James Day” everyone can leave 12 minutes early. Although you will probably hear these remarks and just call those people haters. Granted, the only reason there are jokes is because you make it SO EASY for people to create them.

Mainly though Lebron you could learn a lesson in humility and Dirk could teach you. I bet if you asked Dirk he would give you some tips. Dirk seems like that type of guy.

Lebron, I hope one day you grow out of this and understand how much of a jackass you make yourself look like. Get some lessons in humility, and never compare yourself to Jordan. I would like to close this letter with one last thing. It’s a video of last nights victory from the Mavericks bench. This is what a team celebration looks like.


Every person who is sick of your crap specifically the city of Dallas and the city of Cleveland.

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