Outside The Camp on Indieground

Outside the Camp was on Indieground this past Sunday on Power FM. The guys talked about their trip to Nashville to record the Overcome Demo and how that experience helped shape the way they write songs and perform live. The band also did an acoustic version of the song Dead Men Tell No Tales exclusively on Indieground. The entire interview is posted below and the acoustic version of Dead Men Tell No Tales is also available to download for free below as well.

Here is small excerpt from their bio:

In a world full of so many failing efforts, it’s hard to conceive a purpose that we may fulfill in life; but in this wake of Disaster, there is one answer to what our purpose may be: selflessness. Embark with us on a voyage in search to find hope in our life. Sail the seas as we risk everything searching for some type of answer. Risk the gallows as we may become shipwrecked, becoming the monster that we have most feared-destroying everything around us. Hold fast mercy and grace as we may be broken to nothing, in hopes to find peace and satisfaction in this life. Witness . . . the Divine, in the wake of disaster…

Interview with Outside The Camp on Indieground

Outside The Camp on Indieground August 21, 2011 by adrianhummelint
Acoustic version of Dead Men Tell No Tales by Outside The Camp

Outside The Camp Dead Men Tell No Tales (Acoustic) by adrianhummelint

To download the song click on the arrow located on the right side of the Soundcloud player.

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