M83 Album Stream & Interview

Urban Outfitters and M83 teamed up to offer an exclusive album stream of the new record “Hurry Up. We’re Dreaming” out in stores on October 18th. They also have an interview with Anthony Gonzalez of M83 posted online too. Here is an excerpt from the interview found on Urban Outfitter’s website.

The album artwork for your “Midnight City” single is pretty freaky! Can you tell me what inspired the album artwork for the “Midnight City” and Hurry Up We’re Dreaming?

So the cover of “Midnight City” is kind of a crazy looking alien, a sort of mix of owls and E.T. and science fiction and fantasy movies like The Neverending Story. You know when you’re a kid it’s just so fascinating to be traveling through this imaginary world in a movie. I always liked that and I wanted to have that feeling with this album. So, we just asked a prop stylist to make it “crazy alien looking” and I think it works really well. I’m really happy with the cover.